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diamondcapitalinvestmentltd.com is an online fully digitalized investment platform built on private Blockchain solution (multichain) for creating, issuing and smart financing private and public sector investments. The platform allows individuals and all type of sectors to register, structure and offer their assets / shares to the crowd-financing, and / or to launch a private bond placement and offer it to the private and institutional investors. The structuring of Equities is completely digitalized, time efficient and offered at the lowest cost in the industry. We believe you should have the power to make a difference with your money.

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    Diversified portfoolios backed by multiple assets class.

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    Earn better returns off your investment using our superior strategy.

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    Safe heaven investing, with little downside and possible defaults.

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Investing in professionaly modeled portfolios, including these

Smart Asset Class

Stocks & Smart Assets

We always seeks out overwhelming undervalued companies which has a huge potential of multiple returns and Smart Assets. Smart Assets is the process of digitizing all financial products starting from Equity, Stocks, Bonds, and Shares of any eligible entity. which then can be exchanged over internet instantaneously.

Real Estate

We analyze the global real estate market and invest appropriately where value is found, commercial and residential alike.



We develop low cost custom Blockchain (Private & Public) with added values, for securing inforamtion and storing data, with advanced functional applications and a 51% Attack on the network to enable faster hash rate


This injects liquidity and flexibility each portfolio. Because of their volatility and liquidity these securities are leveraged for all our investors.


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